Virgin & Recycled Plastic Processing | Eclipse Magnetics

Our Magnetic Separators Protect Plastics Processes from Contamination

Protecting Plastics Process Equipment and Product Purity.

Our Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors protect expensive process machinery from metal contamination, thereby reducing breakdowns and increasing productivity. They are used in either recycled or virgin plastics processes to protect moulding tools, grinders, extruders, nozzles, mixers and rollers from potentially damaging objects such as nails, screws, or metal closures. Metal Separation and Detection systems are a key component in ensuring the quality of finished product which is at risk of being impregnated by ferrous contamination.

Magnetic Separator or Metal Detector Applications

Typical Magnetic Separator or Metal Detector Applications

Our magnetic separatorsand metal detectors can be installed anywhere, typically in granulate production, material stock silos, grinding, general gravity or pneumatic fed lines including:

  • Free-fall pre-silo, in-feed to silo or Octabin
  • Post-silo feed to extruder or moulder hopper feeds
  • Vertical or inclined gravity feed chutes
  • Quality control sampling points
  • Bagging or bin fill stations
  • Free-fall chutes pre-extruder
  • Pre and post pellet presses
  • Pre-silo, pneumatic pipeline raw material feed
  • Conveyor in-feed to cutting mills or shredders
  • Standing or slow moving columns on material feeders