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Speaker Magnets For All Acoustic Applications

Eclipse Magnetics designs, produces and supplies high performance magnetic assemblies for acoustic applications. 

Complete Magnetic Assemblies & Speaker Magnets

With over 100 years of experience, Eclipse Magnetics designs, produces and supplies magnets and magnetic assembly solutions to satisfy the wide ranging magnetic performance requirements and
specifications of loudspeaker, horn and microphone applications.
Whether you have a completed design and need a reliable long term supply partner, or you require design assistance and technical support, we can help with your assemblies and sub-assemblies for acoustic applications such as: 

  • Loudspeakers
  • Transducers
  • Speaker drivers
  • Horns and sounders
  • Woofers and sub-woofers
  • Car speakers
  • Public address systems
  • Voice coil motors
  • Tweeters and super-tweeters
  • Microphones

A Choice Of Magnet Materials

We offer a wide range of magnetic materials, making our speaker magnets suitable for use in every application and industry. 

Here are some of the most common magnet materials for speakers. 

Speaker Assembly

Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB)

Neodymium magnets are the most powerful of the Rare Earth magnets. Size for size, there is no better maximum performance magnet. 

  • Ideal for miniaturisation
  • Maximum power density of the magnetic field within the air gap
  • Ranges from N27 up to N54
  • Temperature ranges of up to +230 degrees Celcius


Ferrite magnets, also known as ceramic magnets, are popular in larger driver assemblies.

  • High corrosion resistance 
  • Lower cost
  • Easier to produce in large rings
  • Outstanding long term performance in damp conditions
  • Ideal for use in marine sounder applications


Alnico drivers tend to be longer in axial length to allow for higher performance and reducing demagnetising effects. 

  • Easy to magnetise or deliberately weaken, making it easy to fine tune the air gap magnetic field strength
  • Good corrosion resistance, making alnico ideal for external applications
  • Extremely resistant to high temperatures
  • Can be produced in complex shapes or with more complex magnetic fields

Samarium Cobalt (SmCo)

Samarium Cobalt is a weaker variety of Rare Earth magnets but gives a more consistent performance in applications which are subject to wide temperature variations. 

  • Can be used in extreme temperatures (extreme cold and up to +350 degrees Celcius)
  • Good corrosion resistance (excellent if plated) 
  • High resistance to demagnetisation
  • Excellent stability of output with temperature change

Bespoke Designs To Your Requirements

Eclipse Magnetics designs, produces and supplies magnets and magnetic assembly solutions to meet your unique requirements. This could include efficiencies such as: 

  • Weight reduction
  • Miniaturisation
  • Increased efficiency
  • Greater field strength
  • Cost reduction

We will work with your engineers and designers to understand your requirements and provide the optimum magnetic solution for your needs. 

Stock-Holding Service

Do you need regular stocks of speaker magnets? 

We offer a stock-holding service, enabling you to place call off orders and arrange "just in time" delivery schedules to suit your business needs. This can help to reduce the amount of stock that you need to keep on site, whilst spreading your costs throughout the year. 

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