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Fighting Pipeline Corrosion In The Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry, a critical component of the global energy landscape, plays a pivotal role in meeting the world's growing demand for fuel and energy resources. However, amidst the extraction, transportation, and processing of hydrocarbons, the industry faces a persistent challenge known as black powder.

Black powder is a complex mixture of iron sulfide, iron oxides, and other contaminants that form within pipelines and processing equipment. This abrasive substance poses a significant threat to the integrity of infrastructure, leading to increased maintenance costs, operational inefficiencies, and potential safety hazards.

The management and prevention of black powder have become paramount concerns for the oil and gas sector, prompting the development of advanced technologies and maintenance strategies to mitigate its impact and ensure the continued reliability and safety of the industry's operations. Addressing the challenges associated with black powder is essential for sustaining the industry's ability to meet global energy demands efficiently and safely.

pipeline filtration in upstream oil and gas systems

Pipeline Filtration In Upstream Systems

Black powder exists in most stages of upstream wellhead process plant, both onshore and offshore. The Ultrafiltrex magnetic separator can be installed at various stages in order to protect and prolong the life of critical equipment. 

Wellhead Control Systems

  • Installing an Ultrafiltrex separator will extract ferrous contamination generated from well pipelines and reservoirs.
  • This protects the pipework from accumulation and protects components such as high pressure compression equipment, meters and valves from damage and premature failure.

Wellhead Heating & Cooling Systems

  • Protects heat exchangers, pumps, and valves from fouling

Pressure Reduction Systems

  • Protects valves and instrumentation from failure
pipeline filtration in midstream oil and gas systems

Pipeline Filtration In Midstream Systems

Midstream involves the processing and transportation of fluids for onward refining. 

Filtration Train

  • Collects Black Powder accumulated through transmission pipelines, and cleans the gas before processing.

Gas Gathering Stations

  • Protects equipment • Reduces contaminants resulting in a clean burn and increased efficiency

Pig Launching & Receiving Stations

  • Collects black powder from the pipeline during the pigging process

Transmission Pipeline

  • Protects the transmission line and extends the life of all pipeline components
pipeline filtration in upstream oil and gas systems

Pipeline Filtration In Downstream Systems

Downstream covers the storage, transportation, and distribution of oil, gas, and petrochemical products, including aviation fuel. 


  • Ensures a clean product at the entrance to the refinery 
  • Protects equipment from the abrasive wear caused by black powder, preventing valve and rotating equipment failure

Storage Reservoirs

  • Reduces the creation of black powder which in turn saves on downtime, maintenance costs, and reservoir capacity
  • Ensures product quality and protection of pipeline transmission equipment components

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Maintenance Manager at EXL Tube (Steel Ventures)

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John Smith, MMTCI

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Facilities Manager, Milacron Machines (Sub-Contract Machining)

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Ian Aunger at Roquette