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Magnetic Separators Protect Food Processing Lines

Experts in Food Process Safety - Protecting the Customer and the Brand

In a highly regulated environment, food manufacturers face many challenges in ensuring maximum food safety and protecting high-value, multi-national brands. Contamination risks exist at most stages of production including microbiological, chemical, packaging, contamination from process equipment and physical contamination. The costs of failing a customer site audit, having a product recall or damage to brand reputation can be enormous.

Our Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors have a worldwide, long-established, proven reputation in the food industry. Eclipse Magnetics is a name synonymous with quality, high-performance and reliability. Our separation and detection systems are used at all HACCP stages of powder, granule, liquid and paste production from raw material goods inwards to finished product goods out.

Our range includes separation systems for extracting primary tramp metals such as nuts, bolts, screws and secondary ferrous contamination such as fine particles from equipment wear in process. We supply to some of the leading names in the food industry including: NestléMondelezPepsicoWeetabixRank HovisPremier FoodsAllied BakeriesUnileverWarburtonsMarsKelloggs

What We Offer The Food Industry

Magnetic Separator applications

Typical Magnetic Separator Applications

Our Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors can be installed at various critical control points including:- gravity-fed chutes, pre and post sifting, bulk tanker discharge, ingredient sieving, pre and post mixers, vacuum or pneumatically lines, grain tips, sack rip and tip stations and packaged product inspection conveyors.

Our Gantry Beam handling systems are also widely used in bread manufacturing for safe and efficient automated handling of bread tins.

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