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Magnetic Solutions for Engineering & Precision Machining

Magnetic technology provides safer, more efficient, more precise operations

Our vast range of magnetic products are now commonplace in a diverse range of engineering applications, whether it’s in reducing costs and enhancing production line efficiency or as a simple tool-room or workshop aid. Our products are benefit a number of engineering applications such as precision machine shops, steel fabrication, construction components, offshore industries, product design centres and automation projects, in many cases providing a rapid return on investment. We have long standing relationships with some leading names such as ABB RoboticsYaskawa UK LtdMirage MachinesBradman LakeFanucBirtley Building ProductsMichell BearingsNSK and Mollart.

Magnetic Lifting Systems - Speed, Precision & Safety

Our magnetic lifting systems provide safe and efficient movement of ferrous components and solve traditional problems faced by engineering companies. Our systems are used in diverse applications such as pick and place equipment, loading, clamping, mounting and feed processes.

Our lifting systems provide accurate positioning, fast switching, load protection and considerably reduced manual handling. In addition our systems have built-in failsafe safety mechanisms which ensure compliance with relevant HSE and lifting and handling regulations.

Magnetic Filtration Benefits Precision Machine Shops

Our magnetic filtration systems are widely used to remove high volumes of ferrous particles from industrial fluids thereby facilitating a precision surface finish and huge cost savings on fluids, tooling and filter replacement. Typical applications include deep-hole boring, super-finishing, tool cutting, grinding, turning machines, CNC, VMC, HMC, EDM machines.

Magnetic Chucks & Workholding Systems

Our range of magnetic chucks provide repeated accuracy and faster feed times for small or large precision component machining applications. With instant load clamping, minimal vibration and 5-face access to the work-piece, our magnetic chucks are widely used for clamping of bar or steel plate components during milling, grinding, cutting or drilling applications. For more details please contact us