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Magnetic Workholding Chucks - Driving competitive edge into precision machining operations

Efficient milling, grinding or cutting requires good machine selection, quality cutting tools, clean fluids and, equally as importantly, an efficient means of clamping or holding the workpiece. With ever faster processes and cutting speeds it's a vital consideration.

Since inventing the world’s first permanent magnetic chuck in 1934 we have remained at the forefront of workholding systems.  We offer a range of permanent magnetic chucks and electro-permanent magnetic chucks for clamping or holding in grinding, milling and cutting applications. 

The Benefits of Using a Magnetic Chucks For Workholding

There are many common methods of holding steel workpieces including T-Nuts, Coach Bolts, Surface Clamps and Toggle Clamps. Applying magnetics offers distinct benefits:

Faster Set Up and Feed Rates

Instant magnetic clamping, reduces set up time to virtually zero. Up to 500% better feed rates.

Continuous 5-Face Machining

Single-face clamping leaves access to 5 faces, removes need to stop and re-position.

Improved Safety

Fail-safe permanent magnetic technology ensures no slippage or movement.

Increased Accuracy

100% consistent clamping across surface area, no operator variations.

Eliminates Vibration

Permanent magnetic technology ensures a fail-safe hold with no movement or vibration thereby increasing accuracy and protecting the tool.

Ideal for Multi-Part, Multi-Directional Machining

Easy access for through machining, cutting and drilling.

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