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Pre-Audit Site Surveys & Magnetic Equipment Testing

The British Retail Consortium are the benchmark for audit procedures for food processing equipment. Their procedures specify that magnetic equipment should be tested annually, for performance defects, operational damage and general cleanliness. Most retailer audits follow these guidelines.

Satisfy your audit requirements with our magnetic separator testing and validation service. Our dedicated site inspection and validation service provides the necessary information and documentation to comply with external BRC or customer audit requirements. Our site inspection service includes:

  • Visual inspection of magnetic equipment
  • Magnetic performance testing (by a certified Gauss meter)
  • Appraisal of installations and applications
  • Issue of test certification
  • Assessment report and recommendations
  • Remedial magnetic separator repairs and upgrades 
Pre-Audit Site Surveys

When was your magnetic equipment last checked ?

In-line with HACCP procedures and most retailer or BRC process audits , it is vital that critical Foreign Body Removal equipment such as Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors are assessed and tested annually to highlight any performance issues. In the correct opertaing conditions, permanent magnets can have a long trouble-free lifespan. However, the performance of magnetic equipment can vary depending on the age, design, product type, operating conditions, wear or impact damage.

It is really important to have annual performance tests to maintain high levels of protection. Our dedicated service team provides a comprehensive assessment and certification for audit requirements by a qualified engineer. This is followed by a documented report which can be used as evidence for 3rd party audits. Where required we can carry out on-site remedial repairs or magnet upgrades.  More extensive repair work can be done at our manufacturing facility.   

Should you choose to take out one of equipment service contracts, we will plan your service schedule and contact you when the equipment service is due. To arrange a site survey or simply find out more please contact us.