Marking Our One Year Anniversary As A Real Living Wage Accredited Employer | Eclipse Magnetics

Marking Our One Year Anniversary As A Real Living Wage Accredited Employer

There’s nothing more important that the wellbeing of our employees. After all, our employees are the backbone of our company. That’s why our Real Living Wage accreditation is so important to us.

This month, we are proudly celebrating our one year anniversary of being accredited as a Real Living Wage employer. This milestone underscores our commitment to fair compensation and our dedication to fostering a workplace culture that values the wellbeing our of employees.

The Real Living Wage Difference

The Real Living Wage is a voluntary hourly rate that is calculated based on the cost of living. Unlike the statutory minimum wage, the Real Living Wage is designed to ensure that employees earn enough to meet the basic cost of living, providing a higher standard of living for workers and their families.

By choosing to become a Real Living Wage employer, we have taken a proactive stance in addressing income inequality and acknowledging the vital role that fair compensation plays in employee satisfaction and motivation.

Our Journey To Accreditation

Earning accreditation as a Real Living Wage employer is no small feat. It requires a rigorous commitment to paying all employees, including contractors and third-party staff, a wage that meets the Real Living Wage threshold.

We have embraced this challenge and worked hard to meet the accreditation criteria. This process not only involved a financial commitment but also a thorough examination of the company's pay structures and policies to ensure compliance.

The Impact On Employees

The anniversary of  our Real Living Wage accreditation is not just a symbolic celebration; it reflects tangible benefits for our workforce. By receiving a wage that aligns with the Real Living Wage, employees can enjoy improved financial stability, a better quality of life, and increased job satisfaction. This commitment also fosters a positive and inclusive work environment, reinforcing our dedication to the wellbeing of our staff.

Managing Director, Steve McAllorum, commented: "As we celebrate our one-year milestone as a Real Living Wage employer, it reflects our unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of each and every one of our employees. We believe that fair compensation isn't just a policy; it's a testament to the value we place on our employees. This journey affirms our dedication to fostering a workplace where everyone thrives, recognising that a fulfilled workforce is the heart of our success."

Corporate Social Responsibility In Action

Our decision to become a Real Living Wage employer aligns with our broader commitment to corporate social responsibility. Beyond providing fair wages, we are actively engaged in sustainable business practices, environmental initiatives such as working towards Net Zero, and community involvement.

By embracing the Real Living Wage, Eclipse Magnetics demonstrates that it views its employees not just as contributors to its success but as partners in building a more equitable and just society.

Looking Ahead

As we mark our one-year anniversary as a Real Living Wage accredited employer, we hope to set an example for other businesses to follow. We believe that every single employee should be valued and have their contributions recognised.

Moving forward, our goal is to continue our leadership in ethical employment practices, contributing to a positive and sustainable future for both our employees and the broader community.