Employee Spotlight: Georgia Woodhead | Eclipse Magnetics

Employee Spotlight: Georgia Woodhead

At Eclipse Magnetics, our employees are at the centre of our business, and we want to shine a spotlight on the individuals who make our workplace a thriving and dynamic community.

This month, we caught up with Commercial Assistant, Georgia Woodhead, to find out more about her life both inside and outside of work.

When did you join Eclipse Magnetics?

I joined in February 2018 as Business Admin Apprentice for a year long course. I was then kept on as Customer Service Assistant and completed a Customer Service Apprenticeship while looking after the order process for a large amount of UK accounts. I was then promoted to Customer Service Executive and increased my knowledge within the business by moving to export and organising the logistics and paperwork of shipments.

In July 2023, I wanted to expand my knowledge further and made the decision to move into Commercial, where I started as an Administrator and just recently became Assistant. I now look after compliancy questionnaires sent in by our customers, updating pricelists, reviewing NDAs and terms and conditions documents and more.  

What did you do before joining Eclipse Magnetics?

After I left school, I had no clue what I wanted to do so I did a year long Graphic Design course along with some employability skills to bide my time to decide. Afterwards, I decided traditional further education was not for me, so I decided to look into apprenticeships. After applying for a few, an apprenticeship provider reached out to me and helped me get an interview at Eclipse Magnetics. The rest is history!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The best thing about being in Commercial is that every day is a school day and chance to learn something new. There’s a lot of variety to the role meaning I am not too restricted to what I can get involved with and learn about.

I feel very lucky to have a supportive manager that wants me to grow in my role and takes time to explain things to me so I have more of an idea of not just Eclipse Magnetics, but also business as a whole, around the world.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Friends and family are the most important to me, so I make sure I spend as much time as possible with them. This includes my dog which my camera roll is full of pictures of!

I also love to go on nature walks with my partner, my goal is to explore as much as the peak district as possible but a badly sprained ankle put a spanner in the works last year, so I had to take a break from uneven terrain and stick to more flat walks.

In the evenings, I enjoy playing on my Xbox to destress from the day and lose myself in a game.

Tell us a surprising fact that not many people know about you

Probably the fact that I’m an achievement hunter when I am playing video games. I am a completionist and love to challenge myself by trying to 100% complete the games that I play.

What has been your biggest career highlight so far?

I would just say now is my biggest career highlight, I have worked so hard to be where I am today. Although I don’t always do this, it's great to look back and see all my achievements while working at Eclipse Magnetics. It’s not always been easy, especially with my mental health but I feel like I am in a good place now and the business has been very supportive in my journey.