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Cookie Policy

Eclipse Magnetics uses cookies to improve the user experience on our website. 

Cookies are placed onto your machine by every website you visit, and most of those websites, including ours, may not function correctly without them. However if you would like to disable cookies, you can read how to do so in your browser on

Eclipse Magnetics uses the following cookies:

First Party Cookies

These cookies are created by to enable the functionality of various aspects of our website

wires(x)Required for website functionality. Expires at the end of your session.
manuallySelectedCountryRemembers your preference to select a country different to the one that has been auto-detected for you. Expires at the end of your session.

Third-party cookies

Third party cookies are created by companies to provide various services which we use to enhance our site.

1P_JarGoogleControls marketing shown on google sites
CONSENT/NIDGoogleControls preferences on google sites
ANID/AIDGoogleLists ads on google sites based on history
GoogleBuilds a profile of interests to show relevant marketing
_ga(x)/_gi(x)Google AnalyticsStores anonymous information about user activit on our website to help us improve usability
crisp-client(x)/__cfduidCrispRequired for chatbox functionality
iddoubleclick.netStores opt-in preferences
langTwitterRemembers language options from Twitter